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Item No: 0235701
•Dimensions Φ 300 x 75mm
•Floor type All hard floors, carpets, rugs
•Suction capacity 700-1000 Pa Container capacity 0.45 Lit
•Operating time 50-70 min
•Weight 3.00 kg
•Shipping Weight 3.20 kg

In stock
•With drop detection sensors (not falling in steps)
•end function for wall cleaning
•up (to a height 2cm) e.g. carpets or book
•Intelligent cleaning path
•only for cleaning
•Brushless Motor (long life over 1000 hours)
•Automatic activation and deactivation
•Sounds to warn of problems
•The broom is ideal for home use
•You can use it on wooden floors, tiles, marble, carpet and under furniture / beds. Due to its height of 7.5cm it fits in several places.
•The robotic battery vacuum cleaner offers immediate, quality and relaxing cleaning at any time. As it cleans it will avoid contact with cables, stairs etc thanks to its detection sensors. It is ideal for your home as it will fit in places that were inaccessible with a classic vacuum cleaner.
Brand Ingco
Barcode 6925582145397
SupplierItemNumber VCRG30261
Weight 3kg
Category Vacuum Cleaners And Accessories
Capacity 0.45Ltr
Corded or Cordless Cordless
Charge Duration 3.5 hours
Run Time 50-70 min.
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Charging capacity 2000Ah
Dimensions 30x7.5cm
Original Price 149.99
Discount Percentage -10%
On Offer Yes
Home App Type Robot Vacuum Cleaner