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Item No: 0243176

The Performer Active FC8595 / 09 vacuum cleaner from Philips, has a special bag with a capacity of 4 liters, in which the dust accumulates and when it is filled it must be replaced with a new one. On smooth surfaces you can adjust the power of the broom to full volume, while on carpets you can lower it, so that the carpets do not stick to the broom when cleaning.

Power: 600W
Radius of Action: 9m
Weight: 5.2kg

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Soft protective

The soft protector protects the furniture and prevents damage in case the broom accidentally hits the furniture or the walls, while it does not stick to the edges to move faster.

Anti-allergic filter

It is designed to meet the needs of those who suffer from allergies and, in general, those who require a higher level of hygiene.

ActiveLock connections

ActiveLock connections allow you to easily connect and disconnect the various soles and fittings from the telescopic tube while cleaning.

AirflowMax technology

The unique AirflowMax technology provides high absorption power for longer * to use the bag until it is fully charged. The construction technology is based on the optimization of three basic elements: 1) Unique streaks inside the dust collection area to maximize the air flow around the dust collection bag and use the entire surface of the bag.2) Specially designed dust collection area that allows the dust collection bag to unfold evenly. 3) High quality fiber structures that do not clog and absorb dust without blocking the pores of the dust collection bag, thus preventing a reduction in absorbent power.

Capacity 4L

The specially designed 4L dust collection area allows you to make full use of the bag, ensuring a longer shelf life.

TriActive + sole

The TriActive + sole has a triple action: 1) With its specially designed plate, it gently opens the pile of the carpet and deeply removes dust. 2) With the largest opening on the front, it absorbs large debris. 3) With the two side brushes, it collects the dust and dirt that accumulates right next to the furniture and the walls.

Built-in brush

The vacuum cleaner has built-in accessories, so you do not have to carry extra parts when cleaning. The soft dust brush is conveniently located on the handle of the device and is always ready for use.



Brand Philips
Barcode 8710103882534
SupplierItemNumber FC8595/09
Weight 6.490Kg
Category Vacuum Cleaners And Accessories
Capacity 4L
Power 600W
Cable Length 6m
Color Grey
Noise db 77db
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration SEER 20.9kWh
Dimensions 447x304x234mm
Original Price 0
On Offer No
Home App Type Vacuum Cleaners