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Item No: 0225376
The 4-in-1 gaming set fits perfectly into the needs of any cleaning device. The keyboard, mouse, headphones and pad have been designed with the current conditions in mind - long dynamic gameplay as well as RPG or skill games. Thanks to the backlight, you will be able to maintain absolute control also during late night hours, when the upper light disturbs other household members or roommates.The heart of the set - mouse - has various resolution options. It can be set to 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 dpi, so that everyone will find the best configuration for themselves, necessary to obtain precision. The high-quality optical system provides an instant response of the device, and the pad has a rubber non-slip protection. From now on, only your reflex counts. The keyboard has been provided with a solid casing and a comfortable support for the hand, which makes you feel not tired even after hours of play. Headphones are equally comfortable, additionally with the option of adjusting the headband. Their wide frequency response allows you to hear every detail important in the game, and at the same time they muffle the sounds from the environment. After the match, it will be nice to listen to your favorite music or chat on the team chat.
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The included wiring allows you to fully conveniently connect devices in any environment - for mice it is 150 cm and for headphones it is 200 cm. The individual elements are maintained in a uniform attractive style, thanks to which - in addition to the comfort they provide - they look great even when they are not currently in use. A solid and careful finish of each part makes the set can be used for years, accompanying us in all won matches.
Brand Manta
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