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Item No: 0249860
•360° rotation
•Item tracking feature
•Face tracking function
•For smartphones from 56-100mm
•Supports IOS 10.0 and above
•Supports Android 8.1 and later
•Works on 3x AA (Exclusive)
•Bluetooth version: V5.0
•Power: 0.2W- DC: 4.5V
•Operating frequency: 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz
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Are you an enthusiastic vlogger, TikTokker, Instagrammer or do you like to make YouTube videos and other recordings for your social media? Then this object tracker 360° from Grundig is really indispensable. With this gadget you can make the most amazing videos with a professional quality with your smartphone. You can film yourself without needing someone to hold your phone.

Follows all your movements

The name of this device says it all. The object tracker follows all your movements and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. You clamp your smartphone in the device and start filming. You film yourself vlogging, dancing or talking or you film your child, pet or other persons, animals or things.

Professional result

The object tracking holder smoothly follows all the action in front of the camera without shocks or vibrations. He films stable and controlled with a professional result. You place it on the floor, a table, a cupboard or wherever, or place it on a tripod. Your phone can film both horizontally and vertically. And by turning the holder in a certain position, you can film and photograph from different angles.

Face recognition and beauty filter

The object tracker works via an app that you download. This free app connects to the tracking holder. You can then use bluetooth, the object tracking mode and the face tracking mode. There is also facial recognition, a beauty filter, a vlog mode and a portrait mode. With the smart shooting function, it makes automatic recordings. You or the subject of the shot always remains in the center of the frame. The tracker moves with you.

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