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Item No: 0246727

The set contains 13 pieces:
Frying pan 20 x height 4.5 cm / 1 liter
Deep frying pan 24 × 6.5 cm / 2, 3 liters
Casserole with lid 20 × 10.5 cm / 2.5 liters
Casserole with lid 24 × 12 cm / 4.1 liters
Casserole with lid 28 × 12.5 cm / 6.1 liters
3 x storage lid for pots and pans
2 x hot dish mat

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Richly equipped set of dishes with a marble surface in an attractive design. Thanks to the storage lids, which are also part of the set, you can comfortably store ready-made meals in closed pots and pans in the refrigerator and stack them on top of each other in peace.

 • 3-layer surface with internal and external marble design characterized by its perfect non-adhesion, prepared food does not burn and thanks to that the dishes are very easy to clean
 • it is also suitable for healthy cooking with a minimum of fat or oil, depending on the ingredients used calmly without a single drop of fat
 • the inner and outer layer do not contain any harmful substances, so the resulting dishes do not lose their vitamins by cooking
 • the core of the pans and pans made of forged aluminum excels in high stability and perfect thermal conductivity, so it not only heats up quickly and evenly over the entire surface, it also maintains the cooking temperature very easily
 • reinforced stainless steel Turbo induction bottom for maximum cooking efficiency
 • ergonomically shaped handles have anti-slip softened treatment, thanks to which they fit comfortably in the hand and allow a firm and secure grip
 • thanks to the insulating elements, the handles remain cool and non-burning throughout the cooking
 • the advantage is also a cover made of tempered heat-resistant glass. 10
 • its perfect shape adheres well to the body of the dishes and the integrated opening naturally regulates the amount of steam inside the container
 • rounded transition between the bottom and the walls facilitates mixing of the contents
 • the body is finished with a reinforced edge for better impact resistance
 • suitable for all types of stoves and induction
 • also suitable for baking in the oven up to a maximum temperature of 160 ° C
 • thanks to above-standard non-stick properties fast and undemanding, just wash with warm water and a sponge
 • can also be washed in the dishwasher
 • ideal for everyday cooking, stewing and frying any food
 • ecofriendly, used materials do not contain any pollutants such as PFOA, lead or cadmium
 • highly attractive modern design in natural design stone and wood
 • thanks to its perfect appearance, the dishes are also suitable for direct serving of dishes to the table
 • it also includes a multifunctional storage lid for various containers

Brand Berlinger Haus
Barcode 5999108415258
SupplierItemNumber BH-6615
Category Casseroles
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