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With the Leifheit Vacu Power 100 vacuum sealer, you can pack fresh food electrically and fully automatically. This vacuum sealing procedure keeps the contents fresh five times longer, which makes it perfect for preserving fruits, meats, fish or vegetables naturally, without the need for preservatives. The pump ensures the performance of four liters per minute for efficient vacuum packaging. The touch sensor display makes the Leifheit Vacu Power 100 intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to the pulse function, you can control the strength of the vacuum for each ingredient. Therefore, the device is ideal for delicate foods. To ensure safe use, this appliance has an electronic temperature control that prevents the seal from melting. It is also easy to store thanks to its compact size. Ten Leifheit vacuum bags (20 x 30 cm) are included in the delivery. Also, with this vacuum sealing device, you can use all rolls and bags for vacuum packaging of other brands with a maximum width of 30 cm. If required, it is also possible to seal separately to make a vacuum bag from a vacuum roll, for example. Vacu Power 100 vacuum packaging device also has a function for vacuum packaging sealing. The vacuum vessels and the required vacuum tube can be purchased separately. Color: White Material: Plastic Dimensions: 36 x 16.3 x 8.8 cm (length x width x height) Power: 110 W Power supply: 220-240 V ~, 50 Hz Pump performance: 4 l / min Pulse function control for vacuum force for delicate foods Fully automatic electric vacuum sealing device for food of almost any type Natural food storage, no need for preservatives Space saving storage Compatible with all rolls and bags Leifheit brand up to 30 cm wide With sonic sensor touch screen Intuitive, easy to use Delivery includes: 10 x Leifheit vacuum packaging bags (20 x 30 cm) Item needs assembly Package is delivered on the floor If the client has an elevator, otherwise it will be delivered at the latest on the third floor. The package is delivered to the client's floor if there is an elevator, otherwise it will be delivered at street level.
Brand Leifheit
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Category Vacuum Sealers
Type Corded
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