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Item No: 0240936
• with microfibers 
• handle is height-adjustable 
• 360° 
• 20L
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- Mop with revolutionary easy twist wring mechanism, Mop head spins to wring simply by pressing handle down when locked in bucket wringer
- Ideal for cleaning tiles and stone floors
- Handle can lie flat for cleaning under furniture
- Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop makes cleaning much easier.
- To use, dip the mop head into the bucket filled with your normal cleaning solution.
- Then, locate the wet mop head into the twist holder.
- Release lever on handle and simply press mop handle down.
- The mop head spins and water and dirt are expelled into the 20 litre universal bucket.
- The more presses on the handle, the drier the mop head.
- In normal use this can be between 3 and 9 presses.
- For damp sensitive wooden floors it is an advantage to be able to control the moisture content in the mop head.
- The patented twist system helps achieve this.
- Another benefit of the Twist system is that dirt and grit particles are flung out of the mop head when it is spun out in the bucket.
- Grit and dirt particles can scratch a floor when it is being cleaned.
- With a standard mop and sieve style wringer, dirt particles are pressed deeper into the mop head and can cause damage to the floor.
- The mop head is made from micro fibre.
- This is an excellent material for cleaning.
- The fine micro fibres hold dirt effectively within the mop head, meaning fewer rinses are required - saving time.
- Traditional mops hold the dirt on their surface and if not quickly washed off the dirt is simply spread across the floor with each wipe.
- The Leifheit Clean Twist System ensures that the mop cover will be cleaner and dryer than any other system.
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