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Item No: 0094295

HG Stain protector protects tiles and natural stone floors invisibly against stains and penetrating and stubborn dirt

Tile protector for all types of porous and non-porous ceramic tiles, natural stone and (polymer)concrete

Protects against almost all watery (e.g. cola, wine, etc.) and oily spots and stains

The tile protector can also be used outdoors

Apply HG stain protector liberally with a brush or roller. A second layer is recommended for very porous surfaces

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HG Stain Protector (HG product 15) is an effective stain protector which protects against oil spots, stubborn dirt and stains. Simple to use; just apply liberally with a brush or roller and your tiles are protected with an invisible layer. Perfect to use on porous and non-porous ceramic tiles, concrete, natural stones, granite composite and marble composite. This stain protector protects against all liquids like wine and cola, so if an accident occurs it can be easily wiped up with no marks. One litre is enough for approximately 100 m2 per layer.

Brand HG
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Category Surface Care Products
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