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lsopropanol -also know, as isopropyl alcohol - is a colourless highly flammable solution with a strong odour. It is used for various purposes at home, as well as for different industrial processes and applications, such as: general disinfectant, hand sanitizer, fuel additive, de-icer, solvent (dissolving alkaloids, gums, natural resins and many oils), and stain removal in various products, such as fabrics, cotton and wood. It is also used in a variety of niche applications, including cosmetics, in paints, inks and resins, pharmaceutical tablets extraction aνd purification Processes, coolant in beer manufacture, coupling agent, polymerisation modifier, synthetic flavouring adjuvant.

Brand Bienclair
Barcode 5290380001635
SupplierItemNumber 5290380001635
Category Sanitizers
Capacity 500ml
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