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Item No: 0246241
With Cleanbrace, you can easily disinfect your hands from viruses, germs and bacteria, wherever you are: at school, on the walk, at work, in shopping.
•Compatible with all liquid antiseptics
•For all ages (from 6 years and up)
•Made of medical silicone
Each package contains the bracelet and the special liquid refill container. Does not contain liquid antiseptic.
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How Cleanbrace works
1. Fill the special refill container with liquid antiseptic.
2. Insert the entire needle of the canister into the Cleanbrace valve and push the canister until it is full.
3. Press the Cleanbrace to release the liquid.
What makes Cleanbrace special?
In our product we combine ease of use with a modern design. Cleanbrace is designed to be used by everyone.