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Item No: 0246009
Solar 1x Ohio, wall light 50LM, 6x PDQ

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The ""Ohio"" is a wall lamp from Luxform that is equipped with the Solar Intelligent Hybrid technology. The wall lamp is made of stainless steel and plastic and has a total of 5 warm white LEDs. 4 of these LEDs shine upwards and 1 downwards and together have a light output of 50 lumens. The separately supplied wall bracket is attached to the wall by means of plugs and screws at the front/back door, next to the shed or to the fence. The wall lamp ""Ohio"" is pushed over this wall bracket. If the lamp is mounted in a less sunny place, the lamp can easily be charged indoors with the supplied USB cable.
Info Solar Intelligent Hybrid lighting:
Luxform Intelligent Hybrid Solar lamps are standard equipped with an intelligent energy management. By using Hybrid technology, the best of both worlds is brought together. The energy-efficiency of solar and the certainty of light all year round.
All lamps of our Luxform Intelligent Hybrid solar series are equipped with a self-thinking system, which distributes the stored energy evenly over 8 burning hours.
During the winter months you can set the lamp to 50% of the light output/brightness, so that the lamp has enough energy to illuminate your garden in the winter months.
Is your lamp in a shaded spot or is it dark and bad weather for several days in a row? Then you can give the lamp a boost by charging it yourself with the supplied USB cable. This guarantees consistent light output. This means that different charging options can be used effortlessly, so that maximum efficiency is guaranteed. The battery of the Ohio is fully charged in 120 minutes with the USB cable. 
Note that the brightness may decrease when the battery is not fully charged.
Brand Luxform Lighting
Barcode 8719099220191
SupplierItemNumber 22019
Weight 560gr
Category Solar/Motion Projectors
Power 3.7V
Cable Length 1.5m
Color Black
Dimensions 107x165x150mm
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