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•The first SMART charcoal grill in the world:Made entirely of stainless steel, with an insulated base and innovative cooking mechanisms give the advantage to the amateur griller to achieve professional results. Equip your home and organize a barbecue that you and your friends will always remember.•Healthy Grilling:Using the Automatic Mode, the Chef SMART™ can find the best possible way to cook the food by dynamically adjusting the elevation height and rotation speed resulting in perfectly cooked food every time.•Elevation Mechanism:The innovative electric elevation mechanism gives you the control over the cooking temperature just by pressing the knob. It will adjust the height between the meat and the charcoals automatically. The height can be adjusted from 11-24cm.•Insulated Basin (Fire bowl):The technology used for the myGRILL Chef SMART™ base significantly reduces heat loss to only 10% comparing to other charcoal grills with no insulation. Cooking temperatures can be obtained with much less charcoal, thus saving charcoal per firing.
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•SMART™ Cooking System •Rotisserie Mechanism with Chain •Electric Elevation Mechanism •Max 4mm Skewer: 21 •Max 6mm Skewer: 11 •Max Stainless Steel Grates: 5 •Max Rotating Grates: 7 •Total Cooking Area: 0,42 m2 / 651 sq in ••What's in the Box? •10 Stainless Steel 4mm Skewers •5 Stainless Steel 6mm Skewers •Instant-Read Thermometer •Long-lasting Cylindrical Firelighters •Stainless Steel Ash Shovel •Stainless Steel Charcoal Chimney Starter •Stainless Steel Charcoal Tongs •Stainless Steel Roasting Rack •Stainless Steel Rotating Rack (Basket) •User Manual
Brand myGRILL
Barcode 2200001819535
Material Stainless Steel
Grill Material Stainless Steel
Cooking Area 0,42 m2 / 651 sq in
Skewers Material Stainless Steel
Number Of Small Skewers 10pcs - 4mm
Number Of Large Skewers 5pcs - 6mm
Dimensions W 117 x D 61 x H 23.5 cm
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