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Item No: 0202857
Stain Block Acrylic Undercoat
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•VIVEDUR BLOCK is a white, acrylic stain stopping waterbased undercoat, suitable for all interior and exterior masonry surfaces.

•It seals and covers stains of smoke, nicotine, yellowness, watersoluble felt-tipped pen, coffee, juice, old dampness, and other dirt. It has great hiding power, high spreading and strong adhesion

Brand Vivechrom
Barcode 5202565140497
SupplierItemNumber 5175124
Category Sealers
Capacity 3LT
Surface Finish ΜΑΤΤ
VOC Desccription Low
Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor
Coverage m² 11m²
Drying Time 2hr
Water Or Solvent Base Water based
On Offer No