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Item No: 0209032
Soft, pasty wax for the care and protection of natural or painted wooden surfaces. The surface treated with wax is not scratch and water resistant, so it is not suitable for protecting surfaces of heavily used furniture. Rub the wax over the surface with a soft cloth or sponge brush using a circular motion in a thin layer. Remove the excess with a soft cloth. After drying, a silky matt, soft-feeling surface is created. Further polishing gives the surface a stronger shine.
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•Natural colorless wax for final fixation of decorated items 
•After wax fixation, the decorated object will get a velvet effect 
•Apply the wax paste with a soft cloth in a circular motion on an object that is finally polished
Brand Pentart
Barcode 5997412798333
SupplierItemNumber 29767
Category Wax Paint
Capacity 125ml
Color Transparent
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