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Item No: 0188045
UHU Stic Contact Power
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Extra strong all purpose glue in stick format. Particularly suitable for repair, construction and handicraft jobs. The container enables gluing dots and lines and over larger areas. · clean and easy to apply · transparent formula · waterproof Suitable for: Hard materials: Wood, laminates, veneers, plastics, polyester,porcelain, ceramics, metal and many others. Flexible materials: carpets, textiles, leather, leather imitations, rubber, foam rubber, cork, cardboard, paper and many others.
Brand UHU
Barcode 4026700439052
SupplierItemNumber 03UHU007
Category Glues
Capacity 20g
Material Polyurethane
Suitable for All purpose
Drying Time depending on surface, product quantity used, humidity level and ambient temp.
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