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1. Use the Alcohol Prep Pad to Clean the damaged Area.
2. Apply the UV Glue on the area where need repair
3. The bonding face could be re-positioned, the glue only cured under the UV light.
4. Use UV light to let it cure in 5-7 seconds.
5. Surface finish. Could you sanded, polished, painted, drilled as you like

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•Visbella UV Light Glue is not just a glue.

•It’s a powerful liquid plastic welding compound that you can easily and quickly use to make making permanent seals and repairs on almost anything. lt can be applied to plastic, metal, wood, rubber, PVC, ceramic, glasses, jewelry, toys and so much more with just 4 easy steps: Clean, Apply, Cure, and Shape.

•This easy to use pocket-sized tool helps you to make strong and lasting everyday repairs with minimal time and effort.

•It’s also a powerful tool that enables DlYers to be creative at their projects.

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