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•Polyurethane foam with manual nozzle. 
•One-component mounting PU-Foam which expands and cures through absorption of moisture from the air. 
•Ideal for mounting windows and construction projects in humid climate conditions 
•Recommended for: filling gaps, acoustic insulating and sealing of dividing walls, heat insulating of pipes, joining and sealing of prefabricated wooden parts in frame constructions. 
•It has good resistance to mould and fungus.
• Joins 
• Insulates 
• Seals 
• Fills Application: 
•Mounting only with mechanical connectors. 
•Use gloves/safety glasses/working clothes. 
•Avoid contact with fresh foam. 
•Clean, degrease and dampen the surface. 
•Naturally bring the can up to room temperature. 
•Shace the can several times before use and screw the screw onto can. 
•Fill caps in 50%- the foam volume increases after application. 
•After full cure protect foam against UV with plaster or paint.
Brand Hauser
Barcode 8411729381820
SupplierItemNumber 30QUPU01
Category Polyurethane Foams
Capacity 750ml
Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor
Drying Time 24h
Original Price 7.49
Discount Percentage -20%
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