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Item No: 0221597
Fine-grained, resinous cement mortar, particularly easy to apply, for troweling and plastering of exposed concrete, covering pores or nests, etc. It is lighter, spreads and rubs more easily and has a lower consumption. It can also be applied with a launch machine. It is classified as mortar type GP CS IV, W2, according to standard EN 998-1 and as concrete repair mortar type PCC R1 according to EN 1504-3.
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PLANFIX-FINE PROFESSIONAL is a polymer-modified, cement-based, extra finegrained putty mortar
Brand Isomat
Barcode 5204856239255
SupplierItemNumber 182228
Category Wall Fillers
Capacity 25 Kg
Color White
Suitable for Interior & Exterior use
Coverage m² 1,2 kg/m2/mm
Water Or Solvent Base Water Based
Consumption m² 1.2 kg/m²/mm
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