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NEOPAL Ultra Resist is a high-strength plastic paint for indoor use. This very hard and extremely washable paint (Class 1, EN 13300), creates a hydrophobic membrane that transforms common water-soluble stains such as soft drinks, coffee, wine, mud, etc. into drops that flow on the surface of the paint without penetrating deep. So it can be cleaned much more easily than a common plastic paint and the walls remain like new for a long time. It has very high coverage and efficiency, wonderful spread and dries quickly. Offers a sleek matte finish.

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· Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of defective or poorly cohesive materials, dust, oils and salts. · Treatment such as dry rubbing, using a flame to cut or bonding painted surfaces will create dust and / or dangerous fumes. Wet scrubbing should be used where possible. If exposure cannot be avoided by providing local ventilation, suitable respiratory protection equipment should be used. · For plastering and troweling surfaces: Use Vivechrom or NEOPAL STUCCO SPATULING PLASTER. · For new surfaces or porous surfaces painted with watercolors or poor quality paints, prim with the water primer, NEOPAL PRIMER ECO. · For trouble-free surfaces, apply NEOPAL Ultra Resist directly.


Dilute with 5-10% pure water and stir well before use. · Apply 2 coats of NEOPAL Ultra Resist for a perfect result. · Ensure good ventilation during application and drying. · Before applying bright, light shades (from TR Base), apply a NEOPAL Ultra Resist of a similar shade produced by a more opaque base (eg Base D). · The paint is applied and allowed to dry at a temperature of 10οC to 35o C.


Remove as much material as possible from the tools before cleaning them · Clean the tools immediately after use with water and detergent solution.


NEOPAL Ultra Resist goes far beyond Class 1 (standard EN 13300) which provides that after 200 cycles of wet ejection, the paint has a thickness loss of <5μm. The NEOPAL Ultra Resist even after 1000 cycles of liquid ejection, ie 5 times more than required by the standard, remains Class 1, ie it has a film thickness loss of less than 5μm! Full resistance to washing is achieved after 15 days from painting. Stains can be removed with a soft cloth and water with a little liquid detergent and in no more than 15 minutes from the creation of the stain.

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