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Item No: 0214030
•ISOTOP PU HYBRID is a new technology hybrid elastomer roof sealant, based on water acrylic polyurethane.
•It is certified (European Technical Assessment ETA- 17/0924) by the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja and offers top-notch waterproofing with an expected lifetime of the waterproofing system of 25 years.
Forms a membrane impermeable to moisture, standing water and ice.
With strong adhesion and high elasticity, it bridges small cracks and joints and offers excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions from +80°C to -25°C. It quickly acquires surface hardness, easy passability without sticking and prevents the accumulation of dirt while maintaining high whiteness over time.
•ISOTOP PU HYBRID is a certified cool color with a high reflectivity in solar radiation of 92%. It significantly reduces the temperature of the roof in the summer and keeps it watertight in the winter, thus reducing the need to use the air conditioner and contributing to energy savings.
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The surfaces must be clean, dry and free from defective or poorly cohesive materials, dust, oils and salts.
Processing such as dry sanding, using a flame to cut or weld painted surfaces will
create dust and/or hazardous fumes. Wet scrubbing should be used where
possible. Work in a well-ventilated area. Use suitable means for
respiratory protection.
To cover cracks less than 1mm, use Vivechrom's ELASTIC CRACKS & JOINTS PUTTY.
For new surfaces or painted surfaces showing chalking: Prime with VIVEDUR PRIMER diluted up to 20% vol with Brush Thinner or with VIVECRYL PRIMER diluted up to 20% vol with clean water or with Vivelatex diluted 100-200% vol with clean water, depending on
the absorbency of the surface
Brand Vivechrom
Barcode 5202565140558
SupplierItemNumber 5256491
Category Polyurethane Roof Coating
Capacity 10lt
Color Πιστοποιημένο Ψυχρό Χρώμα
Surface Finish Matt
VOC Desccription Low
Suitable for Outdoor
Coverage m² 1m²/L
Drying Time 2hr
Water Or Solvent Base Water based
Discount Percentage Super Price -6%
On Offer Yes