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Item No: 0224917
Elastomeric Waterproof Roof Coating
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•VIVE ROOF is a waterproofing insulating material that represents the economic and reliable solution for waterproofing concrete or tiled roofs and their concrete edges, dormer windows etc.

•It is a certified cool paint that exhibits high solar relectance value (SR), high infrared emittance (ε) and high reflectance index value (SRI).

•It displays high elasticity and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

•VIVE ROOF is available in 3Lt & 9Lt.

Brand Vivechrom
Barcode 5202565170838
SupplierItemNumber 5221817
Category Elastomeric Roof Coating
Capacity 9LT
Surface Finish MATT
VOC Desccription Low
Suitable for Outdoor
Coverage m² 2m²
Drying Time 3hr
Water Or Solvent Base WATER BASED
Original Price 54.99
Discount Percentage -9%
On Offer Yes