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Item No: 0202294

Closed container for storing pet food. The Curver container made of the highest quality materials is perfect for storing pet food. Thanks to a specially designed, high casing closed with a flap, it allows convenient dosing of food. The container also has a convenient handle for easier use. In addition, the tight closure will ensure that the food stays fresher for longer.

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• The presented food container is a good solution for storing dry food for our pets in our homes.
• The container is made of durable, high-quality plastic.
• Extremely tight, prevents The ingress of moisture.
• The lid of The container is equipped with a soft seal, which minimizes the food smells getting throughout The room.
• Container with a light, solid structure, easy to clean.
• Proper storage of animal food is Extremely important. It prolongs its freshness and maintains its aroma.
• The container has a strong handle for carrying The container and convenient food serving.
• The container should be regularly washed and disinfected. This is best done monthly or with every feed change.
• After washing The container, dry It thoroughly. It is not recommended to pour The food into a wet container.
Brand Curver
Barcode 3253923882209
SupplierItemNumber 626113
Weight 1.2kg
Category Pet Accessories
Capacity 10kg/23L
Material Polypropylene
Color White
Dimensions 23x50x49CM
On Offer No

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