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Item No: 0200025
•Steel brush
•Protection class I
•Color: yellow
•Ooutput current 160A
•Power factor 0.73 Cos soldering
•Iron rated
•Frequency (FN) max 50HZ
•Cable length 3 m
•Welding mask
•Clamp electrode carrying
•Overload prodection
•Mechanical current adjustment rated
•Volatage AC (UN) 230 V ~
•2 years warranty

This welding machine is designed to weld electrodes from 2mm to 4mm. Depending on the size of the electrodes, you can regulate the current from 55A to 160A. A scale clearly marks the chosen setting and an overheat indicator will fully protect the device and secure your safety. This reliable welding machine is easy to set up and can therefore also be operated by occasional welders. The POWX480 is delivered with a steel brush/welding hammer and a welding mask.
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