Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

When we think about our home decoration, we tend to forget one vital ingredient: Lighting!

When done right, lighting can make a home more functional, comfortable and inviting. Different lighting creates a different atmosphere in each room, elevating our interior design and affecting our mood, energy and productivity!

So the big question is… how do you get started?? What kind of lighting should you choose for each room of your home? Worry no more, because we have compiled some top house lighting tips and ideas to create the right ambience in every room!

Living Room

For your living room, try a large ceiling light, or even a chandelier, in the center of the room as your main lighting. Then, you can start experimenting with accent lights, such as floor lamps, track lights and dimmers, to highlight particular areas or objects. For example, you can place a nice floor lamp in a shadowy corner to light it up, or some elegant spot lights pointing to a work of art to illuminate it.


Your kitchen is that one room of the house where you really need plenty of ambient lighting (i.e. general lighting). You can start with recessed lights and then illuminate your countertops with LED lights at the bottom of your upper cabinets. Adding some task lighting, such as track lights above the sink, is also a convenient idea. If you have a kitchen island, you can light it up with a pendant light or a chandelier.

Dining Room

A large pendant light or a chandelier centered over the dining table is the ideal main lighting for this room. You can also use some additional accent lighting, such as floor lights or table lamps for dark corners. Works of art and other decoration can be highlighted using recessed or wall lights.

Extra Tip: The lowest point of your main lighting must be higher than 70cm of the dining table.


Your bedroom lighting should be soft and relaxing. So apart from a main ambient light such as a pendant light, preferably dimmable, you can consider adding some indirect, low brightness lights. A wall light or a table lamp on each side of the bed is ideal for your bedtime reading, while a LED stripe or profile in the closet can save the day when you’re looking for your favourite t-shirt!


Bright light is a must in bathrooms! Try adding some recessed lights for a clean, glare-free look and some task lights, e.g. wall lights, around the mirror to illuminate your face for more convenience. If you have a bathtub, consider adding a dimmable light over the head area.

Extra Tip: All lamps used in the bathroom must be waterproof.


A combination of ambient and task lighting is ideal for your home office. For example, you can combine recessed lights or a ceiling light with a desk lamp that will illuminate your main working area. A table or a floor light can light up your shadowy corners or even complement your seating areas.

Entryway, Hallway and Stairs

An elegant pendant near the door can create an inviting atmosphere in the entryway, while a combination of wall lights can be an effective way to light up the hallway and stairs. You can also consider accent lighting, such as spot lights, if you have any artwork decorating your space.

Extra Tip: Install switches in multiple locations to increase the functionality of your lighting.

Extra Tips: Colour Temperature!

It’s not just the type of lighting that will make a room more functional and stylish. The colour temperature also plays a vital role to the room atmosphere!

Warm White Light

Warm white light is a bit yellowish and adds a warm, cozy feeling to your space. It’s ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, where you just want to chill and feel comfy.

Cool White Light

Cool white light is whiter in colour and perfect for rooms and spaces where you want to be focused and energized, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Day Light

Day light is even brighter, more like a sunny day! It’s ideal for hobbies and activities such as reading or DIY projects. You can also use it in rooms and spaces where you need to pay attention to detail, such as kitchens and bathrooms.