Spring garden in bloom

A guide to prepping your outdoor area for the new season!

Is there anything better than soaking up the sun with a cool lemonade, the barbeque grilling something delicious and your friends chatting away in your gorgeous garden? It’s moments like these that make springtime a truly magical time in Cyprus, and the little bit of extra work you have to put into prepping your garden for the warmer months, truly worth it. 
Before you start looking for a landscaper, let’s look at some basics that you can do yourself. By getting your hands a little dirty with some easy outdoor chores, we guarantee you will fall in love with your garden all over again. 

Garden Clean Up

Put on a pair of garden gloves and pull out those pesky overgrown weeds from their roots so they won’t regrow over the summer. Once your garden is looking trim, use a garden blower or vacuum to clean up excess leaves and dry twigs for good. This is also a great time to check your garden tools and make sure they are all in good condition. Are your shears and pruners sharp or rusty? Replacing old tools will help you do work faster and more efficiently, while also keeping your garden shed up to date and in check for the years to come.

Pruning and trimming

All summer vegetation must be pruned in the springtime, to allow better aeration and contact with light. The general rule of thumb is to prune plants when they are dormant, but there are some exceptions. Flowering plants can also be trimmed if pruning occurs immediately after flowering. Use power tools such as electric trimmers for heavy duty work, bring your grass levels where you want them with an hand held or electric lawnmower depending on your  needs, and clean up all surfaces with a high pressure cleaner.

Preparing the soil

Give your new plants and flowers the best start, by loosening and tilling the soil beforehand to support new roots and choosing the right compost or organic fertilizer to enrich the soil with all the necessary minerals and nutrients. For even better results, add some compost for excellent water retention even during the summer months, or transform your garden into a true oasis with specialised potting soil for ornamental plants that thrive in acidic soils such as gardenias, camellias, hydrangeas and roses. Once the planting process is complete, protect your efforts with insecticide, spraying as needed with environmentally safe and non-toxic products. 

Make sure you use a garden wheel barrow for moving heavy sacks of soil and if you have a mini irrigation or automated watering system in mind, now would be the time to do the ground work. Mark your piping layout with ground stakes so you can adjust sprinklers, timers and other accessories as needed. 

New plants & Finishing touches

And now for the fun part! Once the soil is ready prepare you floral beds and vegetable patches while also planting the decorative topiaries, bushes and bouquets you have chosen for the new season. Put finishing touches for that final polished look with deck tiles, arches, fencing, water fountains and more.

Don’t forget to stock up any new garden furniture needed, and ask our experts for any advise or new ideas you are considering.

Happy gardening to all!