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Item No: 0234744
With one quick charge this air compressor is ready for the job. With great ease, he can fill all four car tyres at once. You can also use it to inflate sports balls, beach balls, bike tyres, air mattresses, air swimming pools, etc. There is a pressure gauge so you can pump to the right pressure and a lock-on switch for continuous operation.

The air compressor comes with a long, flexible hose and three of the most used adaptors: a ball adaptor, a tyre valve adaptor and an airbed adaptor. The 18V 1,5 Ah Li-ion battery is fully charged within the hour with the included charger. Everything is nicely stored in a BMC-case.
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•This cordless device gives you absolute freedom of work.
•You work smoothly with the flexible hose of 50 cm.
•If you want to pump a little longer continuously, you can lock the start button.
•You always set the correct pressure, up to 8 bar.
•You can easily check the pressure on the clear pressure gauge.
•With an air capacity of 35 l / min, this is a powerful device for heavier work.
•This compressor can handle a lot of tasks thanks to the 3 adapters: inflate balls, pressurize the tires of a bicycle, fill the air mattress with air.
•After work, tidy everything up neatly in the plastic briefcase.
•Battery: 18V Li-ion
•Battery charging time: 1 hour
•Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
•Maximum pressure: 8 bar
•Air flow: 35 l / min
•Flexible hose: 0.5 meters
•Product width: 10 cm
•Product height: 25.5 cm
•Product length: 21.5 cm