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Item No: 0228884
•Intelligent battery charger with microprocessor controller
•Multi-stage charging cycle,controlled/monitored by microprocessor
•Universal battery charger for various battery types
•For gel, AGM, zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries
•Protection class IP65: Dustproof and protected against water jets
•Trickle charge function for a continuously ideal charge status
•For vehicles with long idle times (convertibles/motorcycles)
•Use will extend the life of the battery •Winter charging mode for outdoor temperatures below 5°C
•Recondition mode for charging deeply discharged batteries
•Power supply mode
•LCD battery voltage and charging progress display
•El. protection against overcharging, short-circuit, swapped poles
•Fully insulated battery clamps
•Suspension eyelet for mounting to the wall
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The Einhell CE-BC 6 M battery charger is an intelligent battery charger which is optimized for the high-tech, high-performance batteries of modern-day motor vehicles. The battery charger with a microprocessor controller is suitable for a wide variety of vehicle battery types and features a range of technical protection and maintenance mechanisms. The main focus of the development is the high-speed, low-stress charging of the batteries, for a service life which is as long as possible with no compromise on full performance. A detailed charging indicator makes the charger less complicated to operate than conventional devices. This Einhell allrounder is suitable for gel batteries, AGM, and zero and low maintenance lead-acid batteries. The CE-BC 6 M automatically adjusts to the battery voltage of 12 V vehicles. The multi-stage charging cycle of the Einhell battery charger is automatically monitored and adjusted by the microprocessor controller. The smart electronic control system analyzes the battery type which is connected and its condition, setting the optimum mode according to requirements. The trickle charge function protects and reduces the stress on the battery to maintain the optimal charge at all times. This also makes the CE-BC 6 M suitable for all vehicle types and especially seasonal vehicles with long idle times: Instead of letting the battery slowly discharge until completely flat and risk deep discharge, the battery is maintained at its optimum level with low stress by the trickle charge function. The trickle charge function reduces the stress on the battery cells and contributes to an extended service life, so preventing the need for avoidable and costly replacement of a defective vehicle battery. So cars, motorcycles or scooters are immediately ready for action at the start of each season. A winter charge mode has been specially developed for use when the outside temperature falls below 5° Celsius. The device also has a recondition mode for revitalizing deeply discharged batteries, and a supply mode to enable it to be used as a power supply. The battery charger from Einhell has automatic protection against overcharging, short-circuit and swapped poles: These protection mechanisms protect both charger and battery. The LCD battery voltage and charge status indicator shows the battery charge and charger mode setting at a glance. The battery clamps are fully insulated, so batteries can be connected to the battery charger safely and easily. The housing has a suspension eyelet to mount to the wall.
Brand Einhell
Barcode 2200002288842
SupplierItemNumber CE-BC 6M
Category Car Tools
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Automotive Type Battery Boosters