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Item No: 0262424
2-in-1 42.7cc petrol brushcutter - 2 acc and lawnmower in one. You not only cut the edge of the lawn, but also tall grasses and wild bushes. Work ergonomically thanks to the provided partial carry and bicycle handle.
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Use this fuel-powered brush cutter by Powerplus to give your lawn a nice finish after mowing it. Thanks to its compact shape, you can use it in areas or corners your lawnmower can't reach. No need to bring out that large lawnmower when all you need to do is quickly trim the grass underneath your garden benches. What can you do with this brush cutter? This brush cutter with 42,7 cc engine brings the solution for both thick bushes and overgrown grass that a regular lawnmower can't get through. The brush cutter has a cutting width of 255 mm with the trimmer spool and 460 mm using the cutting blade, allowing you to effortlessly cut through weeds and tall grass. If you prefer an electric or battery-powered brush cutter, be sure to have a look at the other products in the Powerplus range. From weed sweepers to hedge trimmers or multitools that are brush cutter, hedge and grass trimmer in one. Effortlessly maintain your lawn with Powerplus’ garden tools! Its strong points: Vibration reduction: Thanks to the vibration reduction system, you won’t experience any discomfort from wielding all that power, and you can work comfortably. Vibrations are actively reduced, minimising the risk of hand injuries and adding to the user comfort. Lightweight: Its light weight of 7800 g and length of 500 mm ensure the necessary working comfort, even when using the brush cutter for longer periods of time. Tap & Go system: The trimmer head is equipped with a tap & go system. A simple tap on the ground and the trimmer thread lengthens automatically. Comfortable: The ergonomic bike handle provides a strong grip and added user comfort. Spool and cutting disc included: The tool can be equipped with a cutting disc as well as a trimmer spool, so you can use it for trimming or mowing. This brush cutter comes with a spool and cutting disc. They are also sold separately. Tips & Tricks: Remove grass and dirt after use. Grass contains acids that might damage the housing or blades. Regularly clean the blade, the trimmer line, the spool and the bottom of the safety guard with a soft brush or soft piece of cloth. You can also use a blunt scraper to clean the bottom of the safety guard. The brush cutter should be stored in a dry, frost-free place. Especially during the long winter months, poor storage conditions can cause damage to the tool. If possible, cover the brush cutter 2-in-1 with a drop cloth or other protective cover, to keep it free from dust in case it's not being used for long periods of time. Its key technical specifications: Cylinder volume: 42,7 cc Bore size: 25,4 mm Rotation speed grass trimmer: 8000 min-1 Rotation speed brush cutter: 8500 min-1 Cutting width grass trimmer: 460 mm Cutting width brush cutter: 255 mm Blade diameter: 255 mm Spool: 5 m x d2,40 mm, Double thread Starter rope: 810 mm Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 L Fuel type: Gasoline E5 mix 40:1 Gasoline E10 mix 40:1 2-stroke What is included? 1x engine unit 1x trimmer - brush cutter attachment 1x shoulder harness 1x spool round thread 1x cutting blade 1x spark plug wrench 1x screwdriver 1x spanner 2x hex key 2x cable tie 1x empty bottle 1x safety guard 1x guide handle 1x manual
Brand Powerplus
Barcode 5400338098178
SupplierItemNumber POWEG8013
Weight 10.88kg
Category Garden Power Tools
Max Weight Loaded  
Material Magnesium die cast
Color Red/grey
Dimensions 70x50x190cm
Discount Percentage -39%
On Offer Yes