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Item No: 0169849
GARDENA combisystem saw fit all GARDENA combisystem handles. Whether your handle is made of wood or aluminium.
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•The GARDENA combisystem Gardeners´ Saw with a saw blade length of 300 mm can be used flexibly depending on where you want to saw: if you wish to cut easily accessible branches, you can simply use the Gardeners´ Saw as a normal hand saw.

•The saw lies well in your hand thanks to the ergonomic handle with its comfortable, soft plastic components.

•If you would like to cut branches at heights of up to 5 metres, simply extend the Gardeners´ Saw using a telescopic combisystem handle.

•Practical: simply fix the combisystem handle onto the saw.

•The safety lock guarantees that the connection remains secure.

•The precision toothing with impulse-hardened tooth tips and double grinding guarantees a safe cut.

•Due to a special coating, the CS Gardeners´ Saw 300 PP is ideally protected against rust.

•The stop at the end of the handle prevents slipping even during pulling movements.

•This saw can be hung up on the integrated eyelet, and the saw blade can be protected using the blade cover.

•This ensures that the CS Gardeners´ Saw is always stored safely.

•The warranty period totals 25 years.

Brand Gardena
Barcode 4078500873703
SupplierItemNumber 08737-20
Weight 300gr
Category Hand Saws
Width 13.4cm
Height 5.1cm
Length 50.8cm
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