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•This is one of the easiest pop up kits you can install for gardens up to 50M square. •This system makes it possible for all gardens to have an easy to install and low-cost pop up sprinkler system. 
•This uses innovative low pressure jets that Pop-Up when watering your lawn and then retract out of harms way when finished.
•Easy to follow instructions are on the box.
•You will need a minimum of 15 litres per minute from your tap to run this 
•If going on holiday why not add a battery timer to fully automate your sprinklers.
•The kit covers 50 square meters.
•4 x 180 Degree 4 inch Pop-ups
•1 x 360 Degree 4 inch Pop-ups
•3 x Threaded Tee's
•2 x Threaded Elbow's
•2 x Tee's
•4 x Elbow Connectors
•1 x Tap-Timer Adapter
•1 x Drain Plug
•24 x Clips
•25 Metres of Supply Tube

Brand Claber
Barcode 8000625902002
SupplierItemNumber 90200
Category Irrigation Accessories
Hose Length 25m
Inlet Thread ½ inch, ¾ inch
Pipe Diameter 1/2 inch
Water Flow adjustable
Height From Ground 2
Discount Percentage -45%
On Offer Yes