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Item No: 0232915
Natural characteristics:
• Total porosity - 80%
• Immediately available water - 25%
** Chemical characteristics:
Ph (H, 0) - 6.5-7.2
• CE - 1.0-1.5 ds / m
*** For garden:
We open a hole which should be 2 times the size of the ball of the plant soil, fill with the topsoil up to 1/3 of the hole. Place the plant carefully, top up with topsoil, press lightly and water well.
**** For flowerpot:
Fill the pot or planter with the topsoil up to 2/3 of it. Place the plant with the ball of their soil, without dissolving and fill with the topsoil until the pot is full. Squeeze lightly and water enough.
***** For lawn:
Spread the soil in an area of ​​4-5 m2. Scrape the soil for even distribution on the ground.
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•BIOCOMPOST is based on compost of high quality green plants, it is especially suitable for growing indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, fruits and all types of vegetables, ornamental plants and fruit trees, except for acidophilic varieties, even for planting and maintaining lawns. 
•This product is naturally rich in macronutrients and is integrated with a natural fertilizer base for the slow release of chemicals, making it ideal for maintaining strong growth and abundant root growth.
Brand Agricult
Barcode 2200002329156
SupplierItemNumber 50LT-BIO COMPOST
Weight 15Kg
Category Granular Fertilizers
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