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Item No: 0253132
If you are also sensitive to the air conditioners and cool air, this product will help you feel more comfortable. The air deflector can be easily attached to the side wall of the air conditioner, which helps to disperse the cold air, so that the cool air does not reach directly.
• Easy to install
• Compatible with most air conditioners
• Adjustable air deflector
Min. width: 57 cm
Max. width: 105 cm
Blade height:18 cm
Material: Plastic
Color: White
In stock
•Mainly Use---It is designed for many kinds of air conditirs and works for many register shapes such as , recDispute or circle.
•Keep the Comfortable Temperature Equality---If you frequently notice cold or hot pockets of air in your home / office, it changes the air direction and circulates air and keeps the ambient air temperature consistent. It also prevents your vents inefficiently blowing air directly into furniture, you can change the air direction and protect your furniture.
•Deflector Saves Engry---Air deflector helps direct the air toward an area where it would be most beneficial to the home. A deflector can help keep more of the conditid air to be directed for maximum benefit allowing you to save energy, and it works for cooling and heating, all year around.
•Easy Installation---After cleaning the Appearance, put the adapter with double-sided tape to the air conditir and attach the air conditir deflector to the adapter. It takes less than 5 min, super easy installation for any.
•Slim Appearance---Nice slim appearance, save space and pretty well bend in after installed, won't look odd like the other big deflector.
Brand Atmosfera
Barcode 2200002531320
SupplierItemNumber YYL-0804
Category Accessories
Material PP+PVC
Color White
Dimensions 57-104x18 cm
Discount Percentage -25%
On Offer Yes