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WOOD STOVE 83x42x33CM 10,5KW

Item No: 0232367
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• The device is used for space heating using solid fuels (natural wood logs). • The device is made of cast metal parts with the exception of the steel parts of the ashtray and the metal controls and of the transparent ceramic material that coats the flame door. • The device is powered manually and is intended to be installed as a freestanding device. • Combustion air enters with a natural flow through six (6) longitudinal openings located between the flame door and the ashtray panel. • Combustion air is directed directly to the base of the flame chamber without preheating. • The flue gases produced during the combustion process of the fuel, are led to the mouth of the flue located at the back of the flame chamber, without being diverted by an internal deflector into the flame chamber. • The ash is driven by gravity through the lower grate to the ashtray located below the flame chamber. • Approaching the ashtray does not require opening the flame door.
Barcode 2200002323673
SupplierItemNumber OM100
Weight 80Kg
Category Wood Stoves
Power 10500W
Diameter 120mm
Coverage m² 60m²
Dimensions W42 x D33 x H83 cm
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