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Healthier cooking with less oil and low-fat
Air frying丨Baking丨Yoghurt丨Dried fruit丨Defrosting
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Healthy and quick
360° heated air circulation
Delicious food that is low in fat and cooks quickly
Not just an Air Fryer
Also a yogurt maker, a fruit dryer 
a microwave oven and an electric oven
Continuous cooking up to 24h*
Adjustable temperature 40°C to 200°C* 
24h long continuous operating time
Smart recipes
Easy to learn even for beginners 
Make it easy with smart recipes
Smart scheduling up to 24h
Pre-set the Air Fryer, and have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home
Pull out the basket to pause*
Monitor cooking status in real-time
OLED touch screen
Fun customized screen display
Double-layer non-stick coating
Wear-resistant and non-stick surface, making cleaning easier
*24h continuous cooking time can only be achieved at low temperatures. The higher the temperature gets, the shorter the cooking time becomes. 
*This function indicates that when the basket is pulled out, the heating pipe will be powered off and heating will be stopped.