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Item No: 0246086

3.6V Li-Ion battery guarantees smooth operation while maintaining low weight
Battery operation ensures maximum freedom of movement
Leaves no smudges or residues
Transparent water tank with capacity of: 200 ml for easy visibility
Cleaning mop is great for washing windows and glass surfaces made from special material designed for washing smooth surfaces
Practical detergent sprayer with integrated 2-in-1 cleaning mop makes cleaning easier and faster
Thanks to its smart sprayer, your hand will not come into contact with water
Works at all angles to ensure uninterrupted work progress
Battery charge indicator
Ergonomic handle for comfortable use, suitable for right- and lefthanders
Low noise level
Battery charging time: 4 hours
Battery operation time: 20 minutes
Dirty water tank capacity (ml): 100
Spray tank container capacity (ml): 200

Limited stock

This appliance may be used by persons with physical or mental impairments or
by inexperienced persons, if they are properly supervised or have been informed
about how to use this appliance in a safe manner and understand the potential
dangers. Cleaning and maintenance performed by the user must not be performed
by unsupervised children. Children must not play with the appliance.
• This appliance is designed for household use only. Do not use it for commercial
• This appliance is used for cleaning wet, smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors,
shower enclosures, floor or wall tiles. Do not use it to vacuum dust or for other
purposes for which it is not intended.
• Only use the appliance with the original power adapter and accessories that came
with it.
• Before connecting the adapter to a power socket, check that the technical details
on its rating label match the electrical voltage in the power socket.
• Make sure the adapter power cord is not touching a hot surface or sharp objects.
Position the adapter power cord so that it will not be tripped over.
• Do not expose the appliance to direct sunlight and do not place it near an open
fire or appliances that are a source of heat.
• Never submerge the appliance or its power adapter in water or any other liquid
and do not wash it under running water.
• Fill the spray tank with water at a temperatures of up to 40 °C. Using water that is
too hot could result in deformation of the tank.
• Only use the appliance for vacuuming low-foaming alcohol-free detergent
• Before turning on the appliance, check that it is properly assembled.
• Ensure that the appliance’s ventilation vents are not blocked while it is running.
• Do not use the appliance to vacuum the following items:
– flammable liquids or aggressive chemical substances;
– oil-based liquids;
– liquids with a temperature exceeding 40 °C;
– larger volumes of liquid from horizontal surfaces such as water spilled from
overturned glasses.
• Do not point the sprayer at equipment containing electrical components such as,
for example the inside of an oven. 
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• Regularly check the water level in the tank. While holding the appliance in
a vertical position, the water level in the tank must not exceed the maximum mark.
Otherwise, the appliance will not function correctly and water may leak out of the
• A small amount of foam forming on top of the water level in the tank presents no
problem. However, the foam must not go past the maximum mark.
• Always turn off the appliance when you have finished using it, when leaving it
without supervision, prior to cleaning and before connecting it to a power socket
by means of the power adapter.
• Always disconnect the power adapter from the power socket before cleaning the
appliance and after it has finished charging.
• Disconnect the power adapter from the power socket by pulling on the plug,
never pulling on the power cord. Otherwise, this could damage the power cord or
the socket.
• A  damaged power adapter must be replaced with an original type. For
a replacement power adapter, please contact an authorised service centre. It is
forbidden to use a damaged power adapter.
• Do not use the appliance if it is leaking, if it has fallen or if it is showing visible signs
of damage. To avoid a hazardous situation arising, do not repair the device yourself
or modify it in any way. Have all repairs or adjustments performed at an authorised
service centre. By tampering with the appliance, you risk voiding your legal rights
arising from unsatisfactory performance or quality warranty

Brand Sencor
Barcode 8590669212323
SupplierItemNumber SCW 3001YL
Weight 0.8Kg
Category Window Wipers
Type Cordless
Charge Duration 4hrs
Voltage 3.6V
Run Time 20min
Tank Capacity Tank Capacity 200ml / Dirty water tank 100ml
Dimensions H12 x W28 x D37cm
On Offer No