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Item No: 0247083
A must for charging on the go!
The mobile phone battery for cases where there is no outlet nearby. Thanks to its compact, easy-to-use design (404g and 67x138x28mm LxWxH), it can be easily stored without compromising on capacity or charging performance.

This additional battery has 1x USB Type-A 12W port for charging an end device.
The intelligent charging control in the power bank's chipset recognizes the connected end device and precisely adjusts the charging current - for the fastest possible charging and a long battery life. Devices without fast charging will charge at normal speed. The use of innovative electronic components and solid processing of high-quality materials also protect against overload, short circuits and overheating.
Thanks to its 20,000 mAh capacity, this powerful power bank can charge smartphones several times. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rated for its low weight, slim design, minimal self-discharge and long life thanks to multiple charge cycles.

The power bank is delivered pre-charged and is therefore ready for use immediately after purchase. It can be recharged in a USB Type-A port of a travel charger or computer using the micro-USB port (cable not included) or the included USB Type-C charging cable.
The LED display can be controlled using the on/off button. This provides information about the remaining capacity and the status of the current charging process.
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Brand Cellular Line
Barcode 8018080428630
SupplierItemNumber PBESSENCE20000K
Weight 1.2Kg
Category Power Banks
Material Plastic
Color Black
Dimensions 67x138x28mm
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