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A real must-have for anyone who vlogs, often posts on TikTok or Instagram, and/or likes to make YouTube videos and live videos. This stabilizer/selfie stick and tripod in 1 from Grundig is also an indispensable accessory for making perfect selfies, slomos, transitionals and other dynamic shots. This Gimbal/selfie stick for your smartphone moves smoothly and smoothly with your movements and ensures an almost professional recording quality without a shocking and shaky image. Action photos are also razor-sharp with this automatic selfie stick.

Perfectly clean 'pans'

If you make a movie with your smartphone, you have to let your phone move smoothly with you. This is difficult by hand because you often vibrate or shake a bit and you can never 'pan' completely flawlessly, i.e. move along or follow a moving subject with your smartphone camera. This gimbal stabilizer takes over for you so that you always have perfect shots. You use this device as a selfie stick or with the tripod.

Using 2 hours in a row

Your smartphone always fits in the holder of this gadget. There is room for a device from 58 to 100 millimeters. The stabilizer works on bluetooth v4.0 and you can control it with the button on the remote control or on the device itself. You can fully charge it via USB in 1 hour. When the automatic selfie stick is 100 percent charged, you can use it for 2 hours in a row.

Perfect selfie shots

The device is retracted 33 centimeters long. If you use it as a selfie stick, you can extend it to no less than 69 centimeters so that you can take the perfect selfie shots. Also with several people. You photograph and film both horizontally and vertically, i.e. landscape or portrait.

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