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Item No: 0243689
The clever solution for kitchen waste: The over-door waste bin Fago from WENKO makes your work easier. Thanks to its useful hanging option, the folding bin can be hung onto the top edge of the cupboard door. Use the enclosed scraper to push peelings easily into the bin. Saves space and is gentle to your back. Functional variety: The small bin with its liner holder can be s9mply hung over the cupboard door. So the waste collector with its integrated liner holder is always ready to accommodate peelings. The everyday helper can be used on other rooms as well. The 5 litre waste bin is helpful in the car, too. Simply hang it onto the pocket on the back of the front seats. Fixing without drilling: Thanks to the practical hanging element, the folding waste bin can be hung onto cupboard doors with a thickness of up to 2 cm. The kitchen cupboard door still opens and closes easily, with no drilling required. The base of the waste bin also has two legs, so that it can also be used as a free-standing element. Top quality: As durability & sustainability are so important to us, we use high-quality materials. The small white waste collector is made of robust plastic to give you long-lasting pleasure with this accessory. The bin can be folded due to grey thermoplastic rubber. The scraper is also made of plastic. Includes: Over-door waste bin Fago from WENKO, 5 litres, folding waste collector including a scraper in grey (W x H x D): 25.5 x 18 cm x 18 cm white/grey
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Efficient, compact and easy to stow away - the folding over-door waste bin Fago from WENKO helps you wherever it can. By using a scraper, kitchen waste, for example, disappears easily into the black and white 5-litre bin, without you having to get your hands dirty. The preparation of food generates waste. Standing over the bin while processing potatoes, carrots etc. with a peeler can be really hard on your back. Many people use one or two pieces of kitchen roll as a base to simplify throwing the peelings away. There is no need for that. The folding over-door waste bin saves resources and your hands stay clean thanks to the practical scraper. The clever construction can be hung onto the door of a bottom cupboard or over the edge or a drawer with a thickness of up to 2 cm. You can now simply slide peelings into the unfolded waste bin using the user-friendly scraper. The integrated bin liner holder makes sure that the liner does not slip. The back-friendly household helper can then be folded and left in position, because the cupboard door still opens and closes easily. This enables you to keep the useful tool close at hand whenever you need it. And that completely without drilling. As an alternative, the space-saving container is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and the two feet ensure firm standing. The small white waste collector is also ideal for use in the car as well. For this, fasten it to the pocket on the rear side of the driver or front passenger seat. At the end of the journey you can then dispose of any waste that has been generated on the way. Make use of the advantages of the over-door waste bin Fago from WENKO and make your work easier.
Brand Wenko
Barcode 4008838164556
SupplierItemNumber 164556
Weight 0.349Kg
Category Multipurpose Bins
Material Bin: Polypropylene, Bin: Plastic (TPR), Scraper: Polypropylene
Color Bin: White, Bin: Grey, Scraper: White
Dimensions L: 25.5 cm x H: 18 cm x W: 18 cm
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