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Item No: 0230051

Suitable for professional use! With stainless steel handle for direct use in the oven and a special honeycomb surface that provides long-lasting durability and high resistance to scratches. The production is based on an innovative technique, which results in the weight reduction of the pan compared to other similar cast iron cookware.

The non-stick fry pans signed by NAVA are your modern cooking ally. Discover through a wide range of aluminum and carbon steel fry pans, with non-stick ceramic or stone coating, in various sizes, for everyday use and high durability.

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High quality multifunctional cast iron cookware “Atlas” with non-stick coating and  stainless steel handle for longer durability and direct use in the oven.

Suitable for professional use.

“Atlas” cookware are manufactured from cast iron and they have stainless steel handles. They are aimed for use in professional kitchens (restaurants or hotels) as well as in all types of home stoves, while additionally they are suitable for direct use in the oven. The special honeycomb surface provides long-lasting durability to everyday use and high resistance to scratches. The additional coating ensures the anti-corrosive protection of the surface while at the same time improves its nonstick properties.

Some of the main characteristics of the cast iron are the quick and uniform distribution of the temperature in the pan, the nonstick feature, and also its great thermal density which allows the pan to remain hot for a longer period. The pan gradually transfers its heat to the food and consequently all of its nutritious elements remain unchanged. Thus you can save energy while cooking and use little or no fat in order to have a healthy and delicious meal. The production is based on an innovative technique, which results in the weight reduction of the pan compared to other similar cast iron cookware, while in the same time the thermal properties of the cast iron remain unaltered, leading to superior flavour and making the cooking process in cast iron pan a unique experience.

Use the cast iron cookware for boiling, sauteing, searing, braising, frying, grilling, broiling, and baking. Combine the perfect performance of the cast iron with your need of a lighter functional pan and cook like a professional chef.

The fabrication involves low-carbon footprint processes and excludes PFOA. 

Suitable for: gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction and for the oven.

Bottom Diameter : 15,50 cm.

Brand Nava
Barcode 5205746137675
SupplierItemNumber 137675
Weight 1.08 kg
Category Frying Pans
Capacity 1,6
Width 24,5
Color Black
Diameter 24
Handle Type Cast Iron
Dishwasher Safe No
Extra Features Suitable for the oven
Inside Coating Finish Black Non-stick
Outside Coating Finish Black Non-stick
Non-stick YES
Heat Source ALL
Oven Safe YES
Induction Yes
Dimensions 4,4x43x24,50
Length 43
On Offer No

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