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Item No: 0241500
11cm blade with blue handle. So why hesitate? All the conditions are there to have a good time in your kitchen with good tools. Being well equipped is the most important thing to be able to cook properly! This type of table knife is designed to optimize the moments of preparation. Made in France
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First, the blade is made of hardened stainless steel, bevelled over its entire length. In addition, the blade is manually sharpened for excellent cutting quality. This table knife cuts and cuts with dexterity meats and vegetables, and peels fruits and vegetables. The blade is notched all 3mm for an exemplary cutting quality. The handle is polypropylene, color and guarantees unbreakable. It is dishwasher safe. It is essential for culinary tastings, finely chopping vegetables, fruits, meat etc. These are versatile table knives par excellence. Its blade allows optimal penetration into soft foods like tomatoes. Cutting is an art and this knife is the perfect tool to do the most complete work!
Barcode 3222630230474
SupplierItemNumber 3222630230474
Weight 27gr
Category Knives
Blade Length 11cm
Width 1.5cm
Color blue
Handle Type polypropylene
Dishwasher Safe yes
Extra Features 21.5cm/ 11cm blade
On Offer No