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Item No: 0026762
•HG Quick descaler for coffee machines, kettles and washing machines removes scale and limescale in hot-water equipment, including coffee machines, electric kettles or washing machines
•Extremely effective
•Removes scale and limescale
•Absolutely safe for hot-water equipment
•The descaling method depends on the type of machine
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HG Quick Descaler is an ideal and effective kettle descaler and coffee machine descaler. Also suitable for washing machines. It is an effective descaling fluid which was specially designed for the removal of scale from hot water apparatus such as coffee-makers, washing machines and electric kettles. If allowed to build up, limescale and other deposits will make heater elements use more energy, meaning that it runs less efficiently. Furthermore, in coffee makers, scale will affect the taste of coffee.
Brand HG
Barcode 8711577238841
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Category Surface Care Products
Capacity 500ml
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