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Item No: 0217742

High performance, flexible, polymer-modified adhesive for all tile types, even on critical substrates.Provides high initial and final adhesive strength, moisture resistance and flexibility.

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Instructions for use: The surface to be coated must be free of dust, grease, paint, loose materials, etc. It is recommended to wet it before application. Application Add ISOMAT AK 20 to the stirring water until a homogeneous paste is obtained. It is recommended to mix with a mixer (drill) of low speed. Allow the mixture to mature for about 10 minutes and stir again. Spread the glue and "comb" it on the substrate with a notched trowel, so that it is evenly distributed over the entire surface. Then we place the tiles, pressing them to the point of their desired position. The layered mixture must be tiled within 30 minutes to avoid "skin" formation, ie before the adhesive film begins to coagulate. It has zero slip and long open gluing time. 

Brand Isomat
Barcode 5204856050089
SupplierItemNumber 182507
Category Tile Adhesive & Grout
Capacity 5 Kg
Color White
Suitable for Interior & Exterior use
Coverage m² 1,5-4,0 kg/m2
Water Or Solvent Base Water Based
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