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Elastic Acrylic Waterproofing Coating Roof waterproofing, applied on various substrates such as: fiber reinforced mortars, tin, aluminum, wood, bricks, mortars, tiles, concrete, asphalt sheets with a final coating of aluminum foil, etc. For the protection of parapets and partition walls from moisture and possible water penetrations: Vertical railings, gutters, tin channels in room eaves, chimney support points, etc. For the direct application of the material on PVC surfaces, or on polyester substrates , as well as in existing paints, it is recommended to conduct an on-site test to ensure compatibility for the application of the product. Otherwise and if it is necessary to lightly rub the surface before application.

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Advantages Rainproof High elasticity Weather resistant Resistance to application Good penetration of the substrate Bridges micro-cracks of the substrate Good adhesion to various substrates Aqueous base, non-toxic, non-flammable Information Temperature + Applicable Minimum C maximum Relative atmospheric humidity: 75% maximum Substrate temperature: +5 ° C minimum / +35 ° C maximum Dew point: Beware of the liquefaction effect! The substrate and fresh film must be at least 3 ° C above the liquefaction point to reduce the risk of liquefaction or failure. Drying time: Surface dry to the touch after: ~ 2 hours (at + 20 ° C) Surface completely dry after: ~ 3-5 hours (at + 20 ° C) Note: The reported times are approximate and are affected by environmental conditions.
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Category Elastomeric Roof Coating
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