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Item No: 0225471
Staple food made from slowly sinking soft granules
For all fish in the middle water zone
Carefully selected ingredients with a prebiotic effect
Slowly falling granules with excellent digestibility
Suitable for fish with small mouths and narrow gullets
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Sera Vipagran is a universal, slowly sinking staple food in granulate form especially for the needs of fish with a small mouth and a narrow throat in the middle water zone.
Sera Vipagran is a slowly sinking and universal staple food in granulate form especially for fish with a small mouth and a narrow throat in the middle water zone. The granules with a prebiotic effect are of the highest quality, which optimally promotes health and well-being. Due to the excellent acceptance thanks to the soft and supple structure of the particles, as well as the good digestibility, the water remains clear and unpolluted. At Sera, marine fish meal from fresh whole fish from sustainable fishing is used in particular - no human-edible fish! The consistency-improving and also (in spite of terrestrial origin) excellent addition of chicken egg or milk protein optimally round off the protein supply.
Feeding recommendation:
Feed Sera Vipagran in small portions 1-2 times a day, young fish should be fed 3-6 times a day. Only feed as much as the animals can eat in a few minutes. If you can still see food residues after an hour, you should vacuum them up and reduce the amount of feed the next time you feed. Once opened, the food tin should always be tightly closed and used up within a few months to prevent loss of freshness.
Regularly put on a fasting day to boost the animals' metabolism and to promote behaviour that is appropriate for the species through active foraging. The main food can be supplemented with other Sera foods to optimally alternate the daily menu of the fish.
Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the slowly sinking Sera Vipagran granulate you offer your fish a tasty and balanced feed!
Types of Fish : Characiformes, Labyrinth Fish, Livebearing Ornamental Fish, Barbinae
Brand Sera
Barcode 4001942002035
SupplierItemNumber SE-00203
Category Pet Food
Capacity 1000ml
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SHC Pets Type Fish Food