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Item No: 0242230
Bosch Accessories Bosch DIY Starter Box 73-piece
With this handy 73-part DIY starter box you have everything was needed, in a clear, portable package. It contains the most useful hand tools, accessories and mounting materials, with enough choice to ensure that you can do any simple DIY job well.

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Highlights & Details
Basic equipment for every household or workshop
73 tools, accessories and attachments, including hammer, cutter, measuring tape, hand screwdriver with bits, pliers
various drills for wood, metal and masonry, a countersink as well as some screws and dowels. Practical storage box with handle and an inner insert
practical storage box with handle and an inner insert
packed with 100% recyclable paper as filling material.
In stock

• 1 x Cutter Knife

• 1 x Counter Sink

• 1 x Combination Pliers

• 1 x Hammer

• 1 x Measuring Tape

• 1 x Hand Screwdriver

• 1 x Magnetic Bit Holder

• 3 x Metal Drills (3 / 4 / 6 mm)

​​​​​​​• 5 x Masonry Drills (4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 mm)

​​​​​​​• 15 x SDBs

Brand Bosch
Barcode 2607011660
Weight 1.8kg
Category Tool Kits
Dimensions 32.2x17.8x13.0cm
Discount Percentage -12%
On Offer Yes