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Item No: 0239061
The UniversalHumid is the right choice when accuracy on wood moisture checks is a must. With two pre-programmed wood groups that offer broad measuring ranges (A: 7.1% - 74.7%; B: 6.4% - 61.9%), the wood moisture meter achieves even more exact results. Measurement is easy by just sticking the two measurement pins into the wood. From checking the moisture of firewood for emission reduction, pre-checking before painting, checking on furniture construction, e.g., to avoid deformation, mould prevention, installing parquet flooring, or checking wooden houses or trailers before purchase.
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Function 1 measuring range: 7.1 - 74.7%
Operation 2 measuring range: 6.4 - 61.9%
Measurement accuracy (standard): +/- 1%
Accuracy type: Conductivity measurement accuracy (standard)
Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes
Number of batteries: 3
Battery type: 1.5 V-LR03 (AAA)
Weight: 0.16 kg
Tool dimensions (L x W x H): 187 x 56 x 44 mm
•Fast measurement: Check moisture content of wood through pin-type-based detection technology as an orientation for the user; easy to push the pins into the wood
•Use with different wood types: More precise results due to the possibility of selecting between two different wood groups; available sticker with some examples for each wood group in 12 languages can be attached to the tool
•Convenient and simple use: Interpret the measurement results via the traffic light LED for the current measurement: red light – not recommended to use, yellow – of concern, and green – ready to use
•Easy handling with 2 buttons: Wood selection button for selecting the wood group, measurement button to turn the tool on/off and save the current measurement on the display
•Wide range of applications: Befor burning firewood, installing parquet flooring, furniture construction, for mould prevention, and many more
Brand Bosch
Barcode 3165140997706
SupplierItemNumber 603688000
Weight 160g
Category Laser Tools
Width 5.6cm
Height 4.4cm
Length 18.7cm
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