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Whether it is a job as large as a building project or as small as hanging a picture frame, don’t settle for anything less than perfection. The Kapro 872 GREEN holds the highest accuracy for a self leveling laser level in the market - 0.0002″/” (0.2mm/m) and an extreme Self-leveling range of ±3° (lower is better). Features an industrial green beam that is 8X more visible than a traditional red one.
It has intersecting horizontal and vertical lines at 90° with an operational range of 100’ (30m) that can be extended to 165’ (50m) using a Detector (Kapro 984 - Sold separately). It also features an intelligently designed visual and audible 'out of level' warning so you can adjust at a distance.
For angular layout/ tilted marking you can use the Manual mode. The proprietary folding legs are useful for angle mounting and, when folded, create a protective cage along with its shock absorbing rubber casing.
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