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Item No: 0251954
Einhell CE-BC 10 M 1002245 Charger 12 V 2 A 10 A
The Einhell CE-BC 10 M battery charger is an intelligent battery charger, adapted to the technically advanced and powerful batteries of modern vehicles. The microprocessor-controlled battery charger is suitable for a wide range of vehicle battery types and has a range of technical protection and maintenance mechanisms. The main focus of the development is on a fast, gentle charging of the batteries, in order to achieve the longest possible service life at full power. Operation of the charger is easier thanks to a detailed charging display than with conventional devices. The Einhell all-rounder is suitable for gel batteries, AGM, as well as maintenance-free and low-maintenance lead acid batteries. The CE-BC 10 M adapts automatically to the battery voltage of 12 V vehicles. The multi-stage charging cycle of the Einhell battery charger is automatically monitored and adjusted by the microprocessor controller. The smart control electronics analyzes the type and condition of the connected battery and initiates the optimal mode as required. The trickle charging function protects and protects the battery for a permanently ideal charging state. Thus, the CE-BC 10 M is suitable for all vehicle types, also expressly for seasonal vehicles with long service lives: Instead of letting the battery slowly drain completely and thus risk a deep discharge, the battery is kept at its optimum level by means of maintenance charging. The maintenance charging relieves the battery cells and extends the service life, thus preventing an avoidable, cost-intensive replacement of a defective vehicle battery. Cars, motorcycles or scooters are immediately ready for use at the start of the season. A winter charging mode has been developed especially for outdoor temperatures below 5° degrees Celsius. In addition, the device is equipped with a recondition mode, which can breathe new life into deep-discharged batteries and a supply mode for use as power supply. The Einhell battery charger is equipped with automatic protection against overcharging, short-circuit and reverse polarity: These protection mechanisms protect both the charger and the battery. The LCD battery voltage and charging progress display shows at a glance the charging status of the battery and the mode on which the charger is set. The fully insulated battery terminals allow the batteries to be easily and safely connected to the Einhell battery charger. The housing is fitted with a suspension eye for mounting on the wall.

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Highlights & Details
Microprocessor control
Multi-stage charging cycle
Trickle charging function
Protection against over-charging, short-circuit and reverse polarity
Fully insulated battery terminal suspension eye
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Microprocessor control
Multi-stage charging cycle, microprocessor-controlled and monitored
Protection class IP65
Trickle charging function
Winter charging mode for outdoor temperatures below 5° C.
Condition mode for charging deep discharged batteries
Power Supply mode for use as power supply
LCD battery voltage and charging progress display
Electronic protection against over-charging, short-circuit and reverse polarity
Fully insulated battery terminals
Hanging loop.
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Brand Einhell
Barcode 4006825640335
SupplierItemNumber 1002245
Weight 0.93Kg
Category Car Tools
Width 160 mm
Height 75 mm
Length 300 mm
Discount Percentage -10%
On Offer Yes
Automotive Type Battery Boosters