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Item No: 0230345
- Nominal voltage: 230-240V
- Power consumption : 350W - Cutting depth in wood: 45mm
- Cutting depth in steel: 6mm
- Cutting depth in plastic: 10mm
- Miter cut: up to 45 ° (left and right)
- Connection type: universal
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• The adjustable base plate can tilt 45 ° to the left and right, so sawing at an oblique angle is no problem. 
•This way your skirting boards fit nicely.
• The lock button lets you work continuously, so you don't lose any time.
• The handy guide roller in turn ensures that you can also saw very precisely straight and to size, for example with fine sawing.
• Connect the dust extraction to a vacuum cleaner, for a minimum of sawing dust.
• The device has a universal connection, so attaching another saw blade is effortless.
Brand Powerplus
Barcode 5400338082801
SupplierItemNumber POWC20100
Weight 1.54Kg
Category Jigsaw
Power 350W
Cable Length 2 m
Color Grey
Dimensions 23 x 8 x 20cm
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