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Item No: 0044092
•A traditional mattress with medium to hard base, which is ideal for people who prefer to lie more on their back. 
 •This simple Orthopaedic mattress with 3 layers of materials, is suitable also for people seeking an affordable solution, for spaces not used as their main sleeping rooms, but are used rather occasionally such as rooms for rent, guestrooms or any other non-continuous use rooms. 
•Most suitable for people with a low-to-average Body Mass Index (BMI).
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• Special steel instead of oxidizing wire with a diameter of 2.30mm (Approx. 110 springs / m2). 
• Knitting wire with a diameter of 1.30mm 
• Flat frame 10x1.7 mm with special processing and cooling in hot oil to acquire spring properties. 
• The frame is applied to the spring frame using metal fasteners to create a solid frame that works evenly. 
• Synthetic fiber insulation sheets, pressed and shaped with the heat sealing system for maximum insulation capacity and very long life (weight 1100 g / m2). 
• Wadding weighing 800 g / m2 made of synthetic and polyester wadding and shaped with the heat sealing system that ensures maximum elasticity and long life 
• Jacquard fabric of high strength weighing 135 g / m2. • Full reset polyester cotton wool 100 g / m2 • The fabric and the Polyester cotton wool are sewn together in a multiquilting machine to avoid dents or movements of materials. 
• Connection tape: 38mm wide tape.
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Category Double Beds
Dimensions 152x192cm
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